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Corporate Summary

Exchange Listing: Calibre Mining Corp. - TSX Exchange
Trading Symbol: CXB
Corporate Office: Suite 413 - 595 Burrard Street
P.O. Box 49167
Vancouver, BC
Canada V7X 1J1
Contact: Tel: (604) 681-9944
Fax: (604) 681-9955
Solicitor: McCarthy Tetrault LLP
Transfer Agent: Computershare Ltd.
Darren Hall  CEO, Director
John Seaberg Senior VP and Chief Financial Officer
Bill Patterson Vice President, Technical Services
Ryan King VP, Corporate Development and Investor Relations
Kristian Dagsaan Corporate Secretary
Mark Petersen Vice President, Exploration
Jason Gregg Vice President, Human Capital
Directors: Douglas Forster  Lead Director, *Audit
Blayne Johnson  Chairman, *Compensation
Douglas Hurst  Director. *Audit, Governance
Raymond Threlkeld Director,  *Compensation, Governance
Edward Farrauto Director,  *Audit, Compensation
Audra Walsh Director,  *Governance
  Randall Chatwin Director
  Todd White Director
Advisors: Featherstone Capital Inc.
Strategic Advisory Board: John Reynolds, PC  
Leslie Coe  
Steve Jensen  


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All rights reserved.